Using the latest and up-to-date biotechnology, this intolerance test uses your hair sample to test against 300 different food and non-food items to see if you have an intolerance.

The Test: This is a test which covers 290 food and non-food items plus 10 custom and non-food items in one easy-to-understand report. From here, you will receive a comprehensive guide for helping you to eliminate possible items from your diet. PLUS, these test also include an exclusive nutrition and metals toxicity test. This test gives you a full body analysis of your potential intolerances and allergies.

Simple, Quick and Easy: You can order your test through simple and secure payment, you will be send a downloadable submission form, then simply fill out the form along with your hair samples to the address enclosed and they'll email the results back to you within 14 days. 
The quicker you send the hair samples and form, the quicker the lab will process your results. 


The easy to use download guide tells you everything you need to know. 
What to do, how to do it & where to send it but if you have any questions or worries, please get in touch and we'll be happy to assist you. 

The Results Review: 
Once you have received your results via email, please get in touch because we will then be able to book you in for your 90 minute review session with Kelly. 
During this review Kelly will explain exactly what your results mean, what you can implement to make changes.

Food Intolerance Test & Review