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Meet The Team Behind All Things Wellness




KELLY brock, ms 

head nutritionist

owner of all things wellness llc


Miss Kelly Brock is a clinical nutritionist practicing in the state of New York.


She holds a Master's degree with Honors in Applied Clinical Nutrition from Northeast College of Health Sciences (formerly New York Chiropractic College), a cum laude Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Dance from Hofstra University and an Associate in Arts from Nassau Community College. She was the recipient of the Lucille Nathanson Memorial Dance Scholarship. 


Since January 2020, Kelly Brock had served as adjunct faculty at Farmingdale State College teaching Sports Nutrition, Medical Terminology, Nutrition Communication, Research in Health Sciences and Nutrition Science Seminar. In Fall 2021, Kelly was asked to be of service in the

University in the High School (UHS) Faculty Liaison position. 

In addition, Kelly is a guest lecturer for the Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture and

its Master of Acupuncture program. 

Furthermore, in the Spring of 2021 - Kelly consulted on legal case about proper nutrition protocols.

In August 2018, Kelly represented the Applied Clinical Nutrition program for New York Chiropractic College in a testimonial that depicted her dedication to the field of nutrition, her involvement in research projects and her plans to expand her practice to place emphasis on nutrition related to mental health.


She has been a featured personal trainer on News 12 Long Island, is a registered 200-hour yoga teach (RYT-200). Previously, she was certified as a American College Sports Medicine personal trainer (ACSM-PT) and group fitness instructor via International Fitness Trainers of America (IFTA).

claudia lipinski, bs
assistant nutritionist


Not only was Claudia one of Kelly’s students, she is currently enrolled in the same Masters in
Applied Clinical Nutrition program that Kelly graduated from. Claudia is a Long Island native
with a B.S. in nutrition science and an A.A.S in horticulture, both earned at Farmingdale State
College. From working in restaurants to volunteering at organic farms, Claudia has been
continuously exposed to multiple facets of our food system.


Having struggled with digestive
dysfunction and thyroid underactivity, Claudia was determined to get to the bottom of her own
health concerns through reevaluating her food plan. This ultimately led to her study nutrition and
develop a passion for functional medicine.


Throughout an internship with All Things Wellness,
she witnessed how much food intolerance testing can improve a person’s life. Claudia even
opted to take a food intolerance test herself and was astounded by the deficiencies found in her
results. Additionally, she learned how to conduct and personalize one-on-one sessions within
private practice while interning for Kelly.


Claudia specializes in plant-based nutrition, especially
when it comes to creating a sustainable vegan or vegetarian food plan. She is also a firm believer
in the benefits of preparing fresh and wholesome meals at home. Claudia’s goal is to help clients
discover the root causes behind their ailments, as she feels that many of the answers we seek lie
in the food we eat.


Michele Regan is an health coach and recent graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Her training allows her to educate and guide clients to make behavioral changes resulting in improved nutrition, dietary habits, and physical ability and overall greater health and wellness. In addition, she is a certified teacher and a Teacher’s Assistant at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center.  

Michele has worked with Kelly to reach her recovery, learning how to build her relationship with food and regain control of her life. She began started with Kelly as she was exiting a treatment center to help learn the transition from center to real world. Working with Kelly helped her get to the root of her eating disorder and to relearn a healthy relationship with food. Working with Kelly inspired her to go for her health coach certification to give back to others who are on similar journeys. 


Michele was honored to work with Kelly on her support groups that help other woman build their wellness and relationship with food.  Michele has been taking Kelly’s 6 month program- Rebuild Your Relationship With Food. She will work with Kelly with the program’s support groups to help gain a healthy relationship to food and feel free to live your life and flourish. 

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Have A Few More Quetsions or Want Some More Information?

Have A Few More Quetsions or Want Some More Information?

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