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The Test: Our Exclusive Test assesses 975 food, non-food, nutrition, metals toxicity, gut biome and hormonal balance items and combines them into one easy to understand report. Get the full-body analysis you’ve been looking for.


Simple, Quick and Easy:   Order the test through All Things Wellness. Within 72 hours, Monday - Friday, receive a unique download form for your sample(s) and directions on how to take the hair sample. Send to provided address. Once results are received, an email will be sent to you with test results. If you would like to explore your results in detail, we offer review sessions. 


Our laboratories & Technology: Our Mars III bioresonance equipment is part of a custom-built lab in the UK. The laboratory and team of qualified lab technicians are lead by the laboratory manager, Kate Young, a microbiologist with vast experience in providing accurate and consistent diagnostic results. Kate works closely with our Scientific Development Manager, Dr Enzo Fornari to ensure the labs and team continue to provide a first-class service that adheres to stringent standard operating procedures and good laboratory practice.


Our sensitivity test is a non-IgE-mediated test and does not make a medical diagnosis nor is it intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Bioresonance Testing is classed as complementary alternative medicine.


Testing:  Under the Healthy Stuff umbrella, we have now completed tests on over 450,000 samples received worldwide. Our test requires a few of your hairs in order to provide results.


Order today: Discover more about your body.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions here. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch and we'll be happy to assist you. 




Since All Things Wellness became partners with Healthy Stuff LTD., they have updated the amount of items that they test.


They went from testing 575 food and non-food items to 975!


If you have done your testing previously and would like to see the most updated results, we invite you to test again!

Food Intolerance Test

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