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Confused about what food intolerances are? Have your food intolerance results but not sure how to intergrate them? Want to order a food intolerance test but want to know more first? This guide is for you!



This guide is for you if:

  • You have digestive issues but endoscopy & colonoscopy are "normal"
  • You are constantly battling stomach pain and bowel movement issues like diarrhea and constipation or both
  • You do not feel well despite making healthy life changes 
  • You are interested in learning more about food intolerances 



  • Who is affected by food intolerances, what they are, how they can disrupt digestion, when food intolerances take place and why they can happen!
  • A breakdown of each section of the Healthy Stuff LTD. Food Intolerance Test - examples included!
  • A discussion of food items, nutrition imbalances, gut biome, hormonal imbalances and more!
  • How to develop a plan of action based on your results! 



For only $27, you can begin your journey towards better digestion, knowing your body better and becoming educated on food intolerances!

Your Guide to Food Intolerances

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